The Start of My Year-Long Project

Hello everyone! I’m starting on a twelve month project to write about my day-to-day adventures as a public relations and marketing freelancer. Since my CNN article last year, I’ve received many emails and calls from individuals who wanted to know how to succeed as a freelancer. So, I thought I could provide some insight into all of this by journaling my work, my life, and how I balance all of this with some level of success.

I am also writing a book that will be published this year entitled “Can You Gig It?” that will provide lots more information on how to become a freelancer. But, in the meantime, I hope you’ll come along for the ride as I write about the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of working for yourself.

I truly believe that freelancing is the best employment option out there for many individuals who have skills, motivation, and the drive to succeed.  I’ve been working for myself for several years now, and I can say with all honesty that there are more opportunities now than ever before.  And, I definitely get paid more than I ever did as an employee.

I recently read an interesting article about why freelancing is the new reality and why permanent jobs may never come back. Check it out:

So, about today…. I’m working on developing a new name for an urban land use and transportation center for UC Davis. I was hired to do this by the center’s administrator, and I received the job on Elance.  I am helping a friend who is a highly talented photographer with a sales letter. You can check out his work at I am writing three articles for a provider of VoIP. The articles are kind of interesting as I’m writing them for specific markets in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Thailand.  After I finish these today, I have to write a few articles for a company that is selling fish tank filters.

Good news came today, too! I was finally paid by a client that had really let me down by not being honest about work and pay. These issues do crop up from time to time and certainly are a big pain in the butt for any freelancer. More tomorrow….

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