A Rainy Day in Scottsdale

As anyone who works from home  knows, it can be challenging and sometimes downright impossible to get work done while also managing kids, chores, and other miscellaneous responsibilities. Today is definitely one of those days for me.

My in-laws from Spokane, Washington who have been staying with us for the last two weeks are heading home this afternoon. The weather is expected to get worse through the day, and my guess is that their flight is going to be cancelled. And, both our boys are currently sick with colds. 

I got up to work at 4:30 this morning, but Judd quickly popped out of bed as he had a bloody nose.  I hope to regain my work momentum later this morning. Still working on the project for UC Davis and finishing up some SEO articles for MediaRing Talk.

It’s always a juggling act, but today is going to be particularly interesting.  I am very excited about a new venture I’m working on. My friend Adrian Miller started a telephone networking group in NYC. She has asked me to roll it out for the West (California/Arizona). So, I’m starting to ramp up on my efforts for this. It’s AdriansNetwork.com and the first West call will be on February 11th. I think it will be a great opportunity for me and my clients to meet others for both social and professional networking. More on that later. I need to get Rex to school now…..

Stay dry all my friends in California and Arizona….

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