Working in the Bathroom

Well, we survived the biggest storm to hit Arizona in 20 years. The only casualty was a palm tree in the backyard.  My in-laws returned to Spokane yesterday, and finally, I can move my office back into the spare bedroom and out of the master bathroom where I’ve been working for the last two weeks.

As I sit on my discounted chair from Office Max and type on my laptop that is missing keys (Rex pried the d, l, and semi-colon buttons off for fun), I reminisce about days gone by where I worked in a cushy cube or office that was cleaned nightly. I always had a new computer, unlimited office supplies, and ample lighting when I had an employer. Now, I have outdated equipment, furniture that no one would consider ergonomic, and a continuous lack of paper, printer ink and other supplies. And yes, I’m sometimes even forced to work in the bathroom. But, when I start to feel sorry for myself because of these obvious hindrances to efficient work, I remember that I also don’t have a commute in traffic to get to work, an inept boss that I have to cover for, or office politics to worry about. It’s just me, choosing my projects, setting my schedule, and creating my own opportunities. No, I may not have that corner office with a view or the latest and greatest laptop, but I get to be there for my two boys and my husband, cook dinner every night at 5pm, and still make good money. Yes, I think I can tolerate working in the bathroom every once in a while.

Unrelated, the PR team from Elance  phoned me on Friday to let me know that Good Morning America might be interested in my story as a freelancer. They want to feature a woman who has been hit by the recession but has overcome adversity by working “gigs” instead of getting a full-time job. Sounds like me, so we’ll see. I always appreciate any media coverage that I get as it helps my business and I think that it may serve as an inspiration to others who want to find an alternative to working 8 to 5 in a cube. This is why I’m writing this blog and my book, too!

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