From Bad Comes Good


So, the good news for this Wednesday is that a certified check for the amount owed to me by the San Leandro-based Apple-licensed product manufacturer is now on its way to my doorstep. I even have a tracking number. Yeah!! The independent bookkeeper who was equally as scammed by this company has been instrumental in getting this situation resolved. From the sounds of it, he’s also had about enough and will be removing them from his client list, too. We actually had a nice conversation last night, and I’ll be keeping him in mind for opportunities that I hear about that might be a good fit with his skill set. Interestingly, I might have made a new networking connection after all the drama of the bounced check has ended.

 From my experience, sometimes, fruitful and productive friendships, alliances, and partnerships grow from the aftermath of a bad situation. This is exactly why you have to stay positive and focused on goals when you are facing challenging people and experiences. While problems are occurring, it’s easy not to look at the bigger picture. But, if you can, you will be more aware of the hidden gems of opportunity that you can find during a bout of adversity.  

 In my business and personal life, this has certainly been the case. I wouldn’t have the business I have today if my husband hadn’t been laid off so unexpectedly in 2007. I wouldn’t have some of my closest business contacts if I hadn’t had to deal with a crazy client a couple of years ago. And, I wouldn’t be as tight with some of my personal friends if we hadn’t commiserated about a mutual acquaintance who was causing us grief.

 I’m sure that this bounced check won’t be the last challenge that I’ll be facing this year. But, I know that my success is contingent on me taking these little bumps in the road in stride. And from my experience, I know that there’s almost always a silver lining to a problem. I might not see it at first, but usually as I regain my momentum, I can get a clear picture of why that bump was placed in front of me.

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