I Might Be a Freelancer, But I Don’t Work Alone

Well, the case of the bounced check is now closed, and the money has safely made it into my bank account.

 Yesterday was actually a great day and indicative of the fact that even though I’m a freelancer, I don’t work alone. Instead of having my colleagues scattered around me in cubes and offices, they are located all over the globe. We’re actually just as tight as any good office mates would be, but we just don’t see each other everyday. In fact, many of them I’ve never met.

 My graphic designer of choice, Barbara Carneiro who was living in Brazil but now Washington DC, keeps me laughing with her tales of freelancing that are often scarily similar to mine. We’ve worked together for several years, and she understands the trials and tribulations of juggling motherhood and running a business. Yesterday, I caught her up to speed on the bounced check incident, and we went over the details of a project that we’re collaborating on.

 I also talked to my local marketing communications friend Tisha Pelletier. We first met last year, but have quickly formed a friendship. Another stay-at-home mom/business owner, she’s busy now planning a “Mompreneur of the Year” event in Phoenix. And, we’re hoping to work together much more on projects in 2010. Tisha is motivated and enthusiastic – exactly the kind of friend that’s wonderful to have.

 I also chatted with a friend up in California who is running a successful VoIP business. He’s one of my bigger clients, but we’re also friends who share stories from the frontlines of business. I appreciate his candor, and I think that he sometimes likes the ability to confide in someone who is not sitting across from him during office meetings.

 Then, my friend and photographer Larry called to tell me he had my headshot done. I just finished a sales letter for him, too. Besides being a wonderful corporate and wedding photographer, he is also the official photog of the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. He is shooting photos of Herb Alpert at his concert there on Saturday and is going to try to get us backstage for a meet and greet with him. This is particularly meaningful as Randy and I picked a Herb Alpert song for our first dance when we were married 10 years ago. No guys, it wasn’t Herb’s classic Spanish Flea. It was the old Burt Bacharach-written tune This Guy’s in Love with You. Thanks Larry! For your listening pleasure!

 Today, I’m gearing up for more fun and adventure. I’m working on websites for a couple of clients and finishing up a few projects before the end of the month. I’m also actually getting out of my makeshift office to have lunch with my friend and colleague Cathleen Mitchell who I met from my long-time client Adrian Miller who I’ve never actually met because she lives in New York. Wow! It truly is a complex network of friends and clients that work alongside me in this solo profession. …And, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!


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3 responses to “I Might Be a Freelancer, But I Don’t Work Alone

  1. Baby Boy

    This is great Baby!

  2. Hi Julie, finally got around to reading some of your posts. Enjoying them very much. Thanks for the shout out. I’m lucky to have you as a friend, too. Nothing wrong with being around people that inspire you! 🙂 Looking forward to 2010.

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