Just Sell Me a Computer, Any Computer!

I’ve been pounding away on my Steady Eddy Compaq laptop for several years. Actually, it’s no longer a laptop because I can’t really use it without plugging in a makeshift keyboard and my larger monitor. It’s sticky from kids touching it, covered in cat hair, and starting to show those telltale signs that it’s time to invest in a new one. Heaven help me!

 I hate shopping for computers. I don’t get excited about technology, and it stresses me to no end to think about the possibility of four years of documents needing to be transferred from this laptop to another. Ugggh! I think I’m getting nauseous.

 My dislike of computers started very young. My father managed the computers for our county school district when I was growing up. This was back in the 1970s when a computer filled an entire room, and it was kept cold like an ice rink. I spent many a Saturday shivering in a fluorescently lit data room in a nondescript office building while my dad  smoked and tinkered around with these big monstrosities. My sister loved being around the computers and happily played games on the terminals while I pretended to be Nadia Comaneci practicing my gymnastic routines on the scratchy and stained industrial carpet.

 My devoted husband Randy seems to naturally know everything there is to know about computers and is enthusiastic about shopping for my new laptop. I, on the other hand, would rather stick pins in my eyes than compare Dells, HPs, and all the other miscellaneous brands.  Frankly, as long as I can write, save documents, occasionally look at a graphic file, and peruse the Internet, I don’t care what kind of computer it is.

 Not too long ago, we strolled into our local Apple store. This place is intimidating with giant plate glass windows, a minimalistic layout, far too many salespeople, and gizmos and gadgets that I don’t want to know about. Customers of all ages seemed engrossed in their attempts to appear tech-savvy. Do all of these people in the Apple store really need all of this high-end hardware and software? Or, are they simply smitten by the glossiness and coolness of Apple? Are they all secretly only playing Solitaire and checking Facebook on their three thousand dollar Macs? If so, Apple is truly the most incredible marketer ever!

 So, today we’ll make the pilgrimage to Office Max, Best Buy, Costco, or wherever Randy finds the best deal and plunk down some cash on a basic, non-descript laptop. I don’t want the bells and whistles. This business owner could care less about having the latest and greatest computer. She only wants something that will last her another four years.

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