Two New Startups, One New Mom and a Very Slow Doctor

Sorry for the late entry today. Things were busy. I started today by dropping Rex at school. In the parking lot, I met the mom of a new boy in his class. They just moved here from New Jersey, and we’re trying to coordinate a play date. She also has a business (personal training), so it was great to talk to her.

Sourdough Communications was certainly busy today.   I wrote press releases for two startups. The first has a new tool for affiliate marketers called The online tool generates both search trends and results for words that rank highest for volume every month, week, day, and hour. They take this data and uncover niches that develop when supply and demand curves in a particular area are not efficient. This could be very helpful information for anyone trying to figure out what they can market to actually turn a profit online.  Pretty groovy, I must say!

 The other startup is Playersync. They have a free site that connects people who want to participate in sports and fitness activities. They match users up by age, gender, skill level, availability, and interests. Perfect for people who want to get out and exercise or play a sport and don’t have someone to play with.

 Then, I talked to my client at MediaRing Talk who is currently in Singapore. We tested out his VoIP service, and it seems to work great. I was refining the copy for a landing page targeted to Chinese expats reading the online Chinese news portal The ad is promoting calling services ahead of Chinese New Year. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Unrelated to work, I just wanted to express my irritation at the doctor’s office staff who kept me waiting for over an hour yesterday. When I couldn’t wait another 20 minutes, I ended up having to reschedule for Friday. Why do doctors and their office staff think that patients have unlimited amounts of time to wait? I caught up on five back issues of Us Magazine, and learned why Jennifer Aniston shouldn’t date John Mayer anymore, but geez, I could have been working or hanging out with my boys. Hopefully, they will get me in right away for my rescheduled appointment. I’ve already put in my time in their waiting room.

Here’s the song that plays in my head when I’m busy writing. It’s one of my favorites of all time, and I have the 45 of it, too!

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