Kia Sorento Super Bowl Commercial – Toyota, How You Like Them Now?

For parents of young kids and for fans of Yo Gabba Gabba, the Kia Sorento Super Bowl commercial was truly an advertising masterpiece. Scenes of Muno, as well as a sock monkey, a Teddy bear, a robot, and Mr. X living life to the fullest seriously increased the coolness of the Kia brand. I especially liked the scene of Teddy in the hot tub, Muno cruising the strip in Vegas, and the robot on the dance floor showing his moves.

 Why was the ad so good? It incorporated everyday items that are familiar with their target market, showed them in a surprising new light, and made it very funny. And, it was all portrayed to funky, cool music. What did this ad accomplish? It created an innovative, fun image for a brand that most of us think of as only inexpensive and of mediocre quality.

 This is great timing for Kia. With Toyota’s reputation in a precarious position, it’s a big opportunity for lesser brands to make their mark. I’m sure all of the domestic car manufacturers, as well as overseas makers, are licking their chops right now and hoping to steal market share from the world’s leading auto brand.

 With the recent recalls of Toyota’s vehicles, it brings up an interesting fact in marketing and business. Everything is cyclical. No one company has a hold on the market forever. Brands fluctuate in their popularity, and consumers are fickle. When one begins to falter, others are ready to take their top position. This competition is what drives companies to create better products, become more innovative, and even produce better commercials.

 Thanks Kia for a good laugh. I might just have to take a second look at what you have to offer the next time I’m shopping for a new car. Take a look if you missed it.


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3 responses to “Kia Sorento Super Bowl Commercial – Toyota, How You Like Them Now?

  1. Matt

    The freshest commercial from this year’s superbowl! This eptiomizes marketing genius: the appeals are infinite on key demographics and establishes KIA as a key player. A robot doing the “robot”, to a sock monkey twisting a wave runner.. what is there not to love!?!

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