The Bachelor – Five Business Lessons from Last Night’s Episode

Like Orange County Housewives, I’m absolutely embarrassed to say that I love The Bachelor. As I was watching last night’s episode which featured the hometown dates with four of the “ladies”, I realized that there are great business lessons to be learned from viewing The Bachelor. If you begin to realize that the Bachelor “Jake” is very much like a client, and the bachelorettes are like businesses all vying to get his account in their portfolio so to speak, you can start to see the good and bad strategies that they are all using to seal the deal.

 From last night’s Bachelor, here are five business lessons that I identified:

 Say More than Just Clichés and Buzz Words

The Bachelor is one cliché statement after another. Practically everything that comes out of the mouths of the Bachelor, his dates, their parents, and the host is ridiculously cheesy.

 I get it, though. They’re on TV and haven’t really established their relationships enough to say things that are truly meaningful. So, they fall back on stock phrases such as “he’s like totally amazing”, and “I can see myself growing old with him”. Please! It can make you gag if you don’t have a sense of humor about it. If I were one these gals, I would mix it up with some unexpectedly heartfelt phrases that the others weren’t using and get myself noticed with my witty jargon.

 This works in business too. You will be considered far more intelligent and be given more respect if you keep the fad vocabulary out of your conversations with prospects and clients.

 Buzz words and clichés are irritating at best, and I always get the feeling that those who are using these terms are not quite sincere. Most often, they’re not, and usually they’re also quite obnoxious. Don’t try and “ping” me or “circle back around”. Instead, send me a message and follow up without using tacky terminology.

 Focus On What You Do Best

Last night bachelorette Tenley broke a cardinal rule of business with her insane interpretive dance to Pachebel’s Canon in D Major. Don’t take on a task that you don’t have the skills to do.

 Her spasmodic, space invading moves left Jake sitting uncomfortably on a stool in the dance studio and might have turned him off for good. Of course, he put on a good show himself and acted like he was touched by her dance that she exclaimed “expressed what was in her heart”. But, I have a feeling that these pirouettes and split leaps will come back to haunt her at a future rose ceremony.

 Tenley clearly demonstrated the fact that all business owners need to limit their service offerings to only those things that can be done effectively. Don’t try to be everything to everyone, and heaven forbid, don’t try your hand at pseudo-ballet for your clients unless your name happens to be Mikhail Baryshnikov.

 Don’t Cry If You Can Help It

Almost every scene in last night’s episode of the Bachelor had someone crying. The moms, the dads, the girls, Jake, have these people not seen prior seasons? The likelihood of any of these relationships being meaningful for more than a couple more weeks is slim to none.

 I think that there’s a time and place for crying. But, if I were one of those girls, I wouldn’t shed a tear until Jake put a ring on my finger. Until then, it just looks overly emotional.

 Business can be trying at times, and it may be hard to keep emotions at bay. However, keeping your cool when things get challenging will always serve your best interest. Save the waterworks for when you’re watching the sappy scenes from The Bachelor.

 Be Decisive

Ali claims she’s falling in love with Jake. She takes him on a romance-fueled tour of San Francisco and introduces him to Mom and Dad, and then we come to find out that she’s a career woman who needs to get back to work. Hunh? Shouldn’t she have checked her Outlook calendar back in the office before she signed up for the show?

 Last night, she laid a heavy trip on Jake by saying that she’d have to quit her job if she continued on with the show. She ponders her plight with reckless emotion. I say let her go Jake! Anyone this bad with scheduling her time isn’t going to make a good wife or mom anyway.

 She eventually hopped into the farewell limo. Glad she chose work over being one of four girls on the rose ceremony chopping block, but I’m certain she’ll be back for more drama as the season unfolds.

 The moral of her story is that you need to make your mind up about what you want and stick with it. If Ali wanted to be Jake’s wife, she should have stuck it out. If she wants to focus on her career, she shouldn’t have tried out for the show. What she figured out is that her indecisiveness is her problem and not anybody else’s. Lesson learned Ali!

 Hide the Weird Stuff

The “Meet the Parents” episodes of the series are always among the best when the skeletons come out of the closet, and last night was no exception. Vienna’s slow-drawling dad seemed harmless but creepy at the same time, and Gia’s brother looked like he could be cast on next season’s “Jersey Shore”. If I were one of the bachelorettes, I would think carefully about who I was presenting to my potential husband and the camera crew.

 We all have weird people in our lives, odd things that we do, and quirky aspects to our lives. While you might think they’re cute, others may not. Best to keep them under wraps until you’re confident that the deal is yours.

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