Sarah Palin’s Crib Notes – Don’t All Moms Do This?

There has been a lot of talk over the last few days about Sarah Palin writing notes on her hand. Although I personally don’t agree with her on almost all of her political views, I do understand her need to jot things down so she can remember what to say.

 I don’t think Sarah’s crib notes speak of her level of intelligence, rather they demonstrate that she’s probably overworked, frazzled, and losing her train of thought just like all of us moms.

 The other day, I was headed to the grocery store when my husband asked me to pick up some toilet paper. In the five minutes it took me to drive into the store’s parking lot, I had already forgotten what he asked me to get. He was outside playing with the boys sans phone, so I couldn’t call him either. I wandered through the aisles trying to remember what he had requested. Was it cat food, orange juice, garbage bags? Then, I thought I remembered him saying Kleenex. So, I picked up two boxes and threw them in my cart.

Guess what? He didn’t want Kleenex. He wanted toilet paper. Close, but no cigar!

 Do I have the early stages of Alzheimer’s? I doubt it. However, what I think I’m suffering from is six years of sleep deprivation combined with the stress of juggling a business and a household. It takes a toll on the noggin, no doubt!

 Like Sarah Palin, I need to write notes and lists. Life is moving far too quickly for me to remember everything. Before I talk to clients, I write out my talking points. I start the day with a “to do” list. And, I jot down important tidbits that I find online and in the newspaper. While I’m not writing things on my hands…yet, I require lots of little notes around me to stay focused.

 So, in this rare instance, I’m defending Sarah Palin and her little reminders. While I don’t support her fascination with hunting and guns or her desire to “drill baby drill”, I do get her palm scribbles.


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4 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Crib Notes – Don’t All Moms Do This?

  1. 152

    Let’s get this straight. She had two months to prepare for the event. She had to “jot down” energy, tax cuts, lift American spirits. Rhetoric conservatives, including herself, have been pounding away at for a century.
    She derides the President for using a TelePrompter constantly when he delivers an hour long speech. I’m sorry, but she acts more like a third-grader than an overworked mom.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you that she’s a mess, but my point was just that she’s probably losing it partially because she’s frazzled. If I were in politics, I’d need notes, a teleprompter, and someone whispering in my ear. I think there are far more important items to critique her on than her habit of writing on her hand. Thanks for your comment!!

  2. DysfunctionalParrot

    I’ve been to debates all the time, and writing notes on your hand is nothing new.

    The liberal media is just on full attack due to the “Tea Party”. Makes any accusations of media bias against FOX more than just a little hypocritical.

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