Virtual Teams Do Work – Here’s Real Life Proof

What I'm Trying to Avoid...

Yesterday, I was caught off guard by a national TV network that contacted me regarding a possible story which might include details about my business. I promise to tell you all about it if it airs on Monday. Ok, now back to the story…

 The producer for the segment wanted my portfolio, testimonials, screen shots of me talking with my virtual team, and a variety of other items. Yikes!! The timing was challenging as it was also the day for Rex’s Valentine’s Day party. And, I was finishing up a couple of projects for clients. When it rains, it pours.

 Immediately upon receiving the producer’s requests, I took action with my virtual team. I contacted Barbara for the screen shots of us talking. I called my photographer Larry for help. Even my clients pitched in to get the information to me before the deadline. Whewww!!!! It was frantic, but we did it. …And, I even made it in time to enjoy the school party.

 Even though, we’re all working in different locales, we pulled together like a well-oiled machine. It couldn’t have happened any more efficiently if we had all been under the same roof.

 The day ended with a wonderful dinner party at the home of my friend Cathleen. I never would have met her if it hadn’t been for my client in New York, Adrian Miller, who introduced us. Again, my virtual work has contributed to the richness and rewards of my real-life existence.

 There are still plenty of virtual work naysayers who only want employees in their cubes clocking their hours. However, from my perspective, working when you want and where you want dramatically increases one’s enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to get the job done.

 I think yesterday’s story proves that virtual teams really do work. We respect each other for the work we do, support each other when we need the help, and stay out of each other’s hair when we need our space. Thanks everyone for the help yesterday! I’m proud to be part of your team!

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  1. Baby Boy

    The maze diagram looks like the cubes at Amex Baby!

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