3 Kids Under 3 and Challenging Google

Today, I wanted to introduce you to one of my clients, Curt Dalton of The Internet Time Machine. His story is amazing!

Curt is the father of three children under three years of age, and he is introducing his new product designed to help online marketers. He is no ordinary entrepreneur! Curt has developed a strikingly unique solution called The Internet Time Machine which enables users to find out what people are searching for online but can’t find.

 Why did this University of Chicago grad feel the need to venture into the realm of online search to challenge big players such as Google and Yahoo!? He is betting his future on the fact that there has been a major deficiency in online search.

 With existing search engines, it’s easy enough to find out what people are searching for. However, there hasn’t been the ability to connect this data with what they are able to find. The Internet Time Machine finds these supply/demand curve inefficiencies and uncovers up-to-the-minute niches and hot products that people want to buy. In a nutshell, Curt’s software catches new trends, products, and ideas from around the world so that savvy online marketers can start selling them ahead of the masses. For anyone who has wanted to sell online but has always been lost in a sea of competitors, the Internet Time Machine can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

 Before starting his own business, Curt was highly successful at helping startups generate profits online. Yet, he was always dismayed at the way many of his peers wasted money with ineffective online advertising and poor business ideas. This is why he decided to build out a user interface for online marketers that would help them find exactly the products and services that consumers were searching for and wanting to buy.

 Back at home Curt is managing a growing and chaotic household that also includes a baby on the way. However, unlike many other entrepreneurs, he’s not too worried about his future even in this challenging economy. As he puts it, “I know what people are going to want to buy six weeks ahead of them even knowing. With this kind of information, I’m confident that we’ll be successful.”   

 What’s next for Curt? The engine that his software runs on, the engine that monitors the world wide conversations will become public domain next month. Called NowRelevant.com, the engine shows users all relevant information on any topic, but only for the past 14 days. All spam and litter floating on the Internet is removed leaving only the relevant information on a topic based on 14 days.

 With continued high unemployment and countless individuals out of work, Curt Dalton not only serves as an inspiration to others because of his entrepreneurship. He is also providing the tools to let those individuals who are also brave enough to venture out into the world of online marketing find their own success.

Here’s a little video with Curt explaining more about The Internet Time Machine.

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