Why Work at Home Moms Can’t Call Out Sick

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling absolutely horrible -swollen glands in my neck, throat on fire, and a relentless earache. By the afternoon, I was shaking from chills, and couldn’t swallow because the pain in my throat was so excruciating.

 Since Rex has just recovered from scarlet fever, I began to wonder if what I had was something more serious than a run of the mill cold. So, I headed down to my doctor’s office to find out. Three hours in the waiting room and a couple of tests later, I was diagnosed with acute pharyngitis, otitis media, and suspected strep throat. I then headed home with a fistful of prescriptions and went straight to bed. My husband could see how sick I was and dutifully took over to feed the boys and get them ready for bed.

 At 6:00 this morning, I woke up still feeling like crap, but knew that I better check the business emails and calls that went unanswered for the last 24 hours. 72 emails, 5 calls, 10 Facebook messages to respond to – Yikes!

 I quickly ate my breakfast, popped an 800 mg ibuprofen and my antibiotics and tackled an hour of work before the boys awoke. I then made them breakfast, got Rex ready for school, changed Judd and went back to work for four more hours. Then, it was off to a lunch meeting and back home to care for Judd and wait for Rex to come home from school. Soon it will be time to make dinner and start the routine all over again.

 It’s funny. When I was a single girl and a full-time employee, I would take off two or three days for an illness like this one. But, with kids, a husband, and a full-time business, I don’t have the luxury of resting in bed. There’s no pay if I don’t work, and my boys still need me just as much, regardless if I am sick or not.

 Yes, I still feel like death warmed over, but it is tolerable knowing that I don’t have to drive myself to an office and sit for eight hours in an air-conditioned office. I can stay in my comfy clothes, rest a little bit here and there, and avoid infecting a team of fellow employees.

 The old adage that a mother’s work is never done rings truest when moms are sick. And, for work at home moms, there is no rest for the weary. Sure, I would like to climb into bed and ride out this illness in comfort with my remote and some good magazines, but duty calls. And, I’m there to answer.

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  1. Baby Boy

    We’re so glad you are feeling better!

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