You Don’t Have to Be Bombshell McGee to Tattoo Your Forehead!

Wow! Because I’m not ashamed to admit that I love, love, love entertainment gossip, I’ve been following with my eagle eye the unraveling of Sandra Bullock’s marriage to Jesse James. At the heart of the turmoil is a rather intimidating looking gal who refers to herself as “Bombshell McGee”. She is covered from head to toe with tattoos and apparently has one even emblazoned across her forehead that reads ‘Pray for Us Sinners’.

Well, I’ll start praying for you “Bombshell” after I process through the logic of tattooing your forehead with a message. But this mistress of the week has got me thinking…

 As I was shooting the breeze today with my mom, I asked her what she would tattoo on her forehead. She jokingly rattled off a four letter word. Mom can have a good sense of humor when she wants to and also likes the celeb gossip. I then queried my friend Val about what she wanted on her head, she said she’d like her name spelled backwards so that she could identify herself in a mirror. Ok, I have some comical people in my inner circle.

 I started thinking about what I would permanently label on my rather prominent forehead for the world to see. Would it be mom, wife, writer, or overworked, frazzled you know what? I really don’t know, but doesn’t everyone already know these things about me. I don’t think I need a tattoo. My message is loud and clear for my viewing audience.

  “Bombshell” posted her message on her cranium, but I believe we all walk around every day with visible labels on us.

 Does the woman dressed in head to toe designer labels have “insecure” written on her head. What about the guy talking too loudly on his iPhone in the grocery store? His message reads “jackass” loud and clear.

 We all wear our messages just as clearly as “Jesse’s girl”. Yes, that’s a nod to Rick Springfield.

 So, it’s important that your message be a good one. I’m thinking from reading Bombshell’s tattoo that she’s someone I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. I’m sorry Sandra Bullock. Your husband’s message right now is shouting “Jerk Extraordinaire” .

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