Yo Quiero Taco Bell in Mumbai – Yum Brands Introduces First Taco Bell in India

I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy cruising through the Taco Bell drive-through every so often to get a couple of bean burritos. Usually, it’s when I’ve become over-hungry and can’t be bothered to eat something healthy at home “Two bean burritos and a large Dr. Pepper, please.” Then, I sit in the parking lot of the strip mall where my local “Bell” is located, crank up my radio, and woof them down before anyone sees me. Ok, so that’s not a pretty picture. Anyway….

 Earlier this month, Yum Brands, famous for fast-food chains that include KFC and Pizza Hut, opened the doors to India’s first Taco Bell. In the land known for its incredibly complex, spicy, and inspired cuisine, what will consumers think of Enchiritos, Mexican Pizzas, and Supreme Gorditos? And, where cows are sacred and roam the streets freely, what will be the filling in the now classic Burrito Supreme? This inquiring mind wanted to know. Imagine, an American company serving watered-down Mexican food in the heart of India. Truly amazing!

 According to a Yum Brand news release, the company will be tailoring its menu items for the Indian market by making them spicier and low cost. Prices will be starting at $.035. Taco Bells in India will also not be serving beef, and half of the menu will be vegetarian. Hey, this all sounds good to me! Can we get the Indian version of Taco Bell in Scottsdale?

 Some of you might remember that I was featured on Good Morning America on a story about reverse outsourcing. Yes, there really is such a thing. The reality is that as India grows its economy and as its citizens increase their incomes, they naturally want to buy goods and services from countries other than just their own. They’ve heard about the magnificent bean burrito that I take for granted and want to have one, too. Somewhere in Mumbai, there is now a gal who will get hungry and down a couple of them just like I do in my strip mall parking lot.  

 What’s the result of all of this? Well, if Taco Bell succeeds in India, it will bring more jobs to India which feeds their economy and more money back to the United States which feeds our economy, as well. There is no going back to the days before a global economy. It’s here to stay. And, as it continues to expand, we’ll all be amazed at just how much other countries such as India, China, and Brazil want what we have to sell. Now, when will India bring me a drive-through option for chicken tikka masala?


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5 responses to “Yo Quiero Taco Bell in Mumbai – Yum Brands Introduces First Taco Bell in India

  1. Baby Boy

    Another reason to go back to India!

  2. vishal

    the first Taco bell opened in bengaluru (bangalore) few days back..they are yet to open one in mumbai

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