Public Relations Lessons from Kate Gosselin

Last night, poor, poor Kate Gosselin was booted off of Dancing with the Stars. Thank God! She had been hoofing around the dance floor for weeks, and I think every viewer believed she needed to be taken out of her misery. So long Kate! We’ll miss your fake bouffant piled high on your head and your chiffon gowns that looked like they had previously been worn by Shelly Winters in The Poseidon Adventure. I cant’ say that I shed a tear.

 Although this most famous of reality TV moms will no longer be on Monday nights on ABC, we haven’t seen the last of her. She’s a master of public relations who will make sure that we don’t forget her “brand” image.

 While she is by no means the most likeable celebrity out there. She’s a regular on TV talk shows. She had her stint on Dancing with the Stars. She’s had her own TV show, and her face seems to be plastered on every magazine.

 Whether or not you like her, you are aware of her. In public relations, it’s truly a numbers game. The more your brand is out there for the world to see, the more you’ll sell. Whether it’s a product, service, or your own personal brand as in the case of Kate, it all boils down to how many people read, see, or hear about you.

 Is Kate Gosselin an ideal person to represent motherhood or good family values? Probably not. However, she’s the one who is selling books, drawing huge crowds, starring on shows, and getting the attention of the media.

 For businesses trying to increase their exposure, it’s important to remember the story of Kate. With PR, it’s not necessarily the biggest or best that gets the coverage, it’s the one who seeks out the opportunities and grabs them.  

 Every business has opportunities to reach out to their markets through PR. Yet, many are unaware of the opportunities or simply consider it to be something unattainable. But, in fact, journalists, editors, bloggers, and producers are always looking for a good story, something different, or anything that will be intriguing to their audiences. This is exactly why the media grabbed onto Kate. With eight kids and a dysfunctional personal life, she has a story that grabs readers and viewers attention.

 No, I’m not recommending that you make a fool of yourself on national TV like Kate, but if you have a business, there will be someone interested in your story. And, having your story told might be the one of the best ways to grow your brand and your business.

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One response to “Public Relations Lessons from Kate Gosselin

  1. Baby Boy

    Kate makes Cloris Leachman look like a real dancing queen.

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