I Get Nauseated Watching Commercials for Drugs that Treat Nausea

Last night, I had just climbed into bed to watch one of my favorite shows “Housewives of New York” on Bravo when I was accosted by the most disgusting commercial. Perhaps you’ve seen it. It’s for Zegerid OTC, some type of indigestion/heartburn medication. In 30 seconds, a man repeatedly paints his  stomach with a variety of pictures. Am I the only one who finds this ad downright disturbing? The hairless and not so toned guy paints his whole front side with the logo of the drug, a pill bottle, a jackrabbit, a fire extinguisher, and a light bulb. Hunh? Check it out below if you don’t believe me.

 Of course, this commercial has given my two impressionable boys some great ideas of what to do with their finger paint. Damn that drug company and their advertising agency!

 This isn’t the only drug ad that I personal dislike. Of course, the erectile dysfunction commercials with the crazy couples in the bathtubs on the beach come to my mind immediately. And, a few years ago, there was another equally as gross ad for Zelnorm, a drug for irritable bowel syndrome that was eventually pulled off the market. The Zelnorm ad showed men and women pulling up their shirts and showing off their “healthy” stomachs to music that strangely sounded like growling, gurgling tummies. It made me want to throw up!

 While I’m enjoying the evening news or my favorite show, and particularly when my boys are watching, I don’t want to see ads for drugs that cure ails of constipation, overactive bladders, heartburn, sexual problems, nausea, or diarrhea. Is that too much to ask? I don’t want to see jiggling tummies with clever ads painted on them. And, I don’t want to hear manly models chatting about their less than impressive penises.

 I truly believe that these commercials contribute significantly to the unhealthiness of Americans. We’re all being bombarded each and every day with ads that suggest that we’re sick and need to talk to our doctor about the latest wonder drug. Direct to consumer prescription drug advertising is banned in all developed countries except the United States and New Zealand. Can’t we follow suit? Do these commercials really inform, or are they just growing a nation of hypochondriacs and ticked off people like me who are turning off the TV so they don’t have to view them?

 Sorry for this Friday rant, but I know I’ll soon be stopping Rex and Judd from painting heartburn symbols on their chests. And, it’s only a matter of time before I’ll have to explain why that man and lady are sitting in those bathtubs on the beach holding hands. While I love great advertising and watching commercials, I must say that these nauseating ads are testing even my patience.

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