The “Nakeds” by Victoria Secret Brings New Meaning to the Boob Tube

Once again, my husband and I were besieged by yet another crazy commercial while watching TV with our two boys. I can’t even remember what show was on, but I know that it was barely 8:00 PM. Yep, it was Victoria Secret’s “The Nakeds”. Have you seen it? Here it is in all its insanity…

Of course, our two boys thought this was absolutely hilarious.  By the first mention of the word “naked” they were rolling with laughter. Then, the word is repeated over and over, girls are writhing around in their “undies”, lights are flashing, and the beat of the music pounds. Mommy and daddy were horrified.

It took a good 45 minutes to settle down Rex and Judd. They kept cheering “The Nakeds” over and over – all the while laughing their heads off.  The next morning the reenactment of the Victoria Secret commercial continued all during breakfast.

We’re not prudes by any stretch nor fans of censorship.  But, do the networks think at all about who is watching TV at 8:00 PM? Shouldn’t this cavalcade of lace and Spandex been aired at 10:00 PM instead of before our boys’ bedtime?

To make this topic even more confusing, I read that plus-size retailer Lane Bryant recently had their lingerie commercials restricted during primetime. They wanted to air their commercial during Dancing with the Stars, yet got shot down. Here is their ad.

Question – Why is Victoria Secret acceptable but Lane Bryant not so much? Are bigger boobs more offensive? Have we all gotten so used to Victoria Secret’s soft porn ads that we don’t even notice them now?

All I know is that we have two boys pretending to be Victoria Secret models running around the house yelling “The Nakeds”. Darn, I wish they would just bring back those old ads about the 18 hour bra with Jane Russell.


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2 responses to “The “Nakeds” by Victoria Secret Brings New Meaning to the Boob Tube

  1. val sutherland

    I feel your pain…how about the adds for your period with mother nature and her”monthy gift”. Give me the days when I had no clue what a bra looked like except in the sears catalogue and when the nurse at school said they had “supplies” for girls in the office I piped up” why would you have pencils in the nurses office” I was so innocent. Also, knowing your boys as well as I do I expect to hear and see the dance on Monday.

  2. Not amused

    I’m on Victoria Secret’s emailing list and usually I just ignore the ads but I opened this one up since it was for underwear and I recently decided to shop for some. So I open up the email and what do I see? A photo-shopped backside of what looks like a 12yr old with her hands pulling up the panties into her crack! I’m not kidding. Is she giving herself a wedgie? Is it someone else’s arms because it looks kinda weird at that angle. And why do they think this image would make me go out and buy their underwear, in fact it’s had the opposite effect! Did anyone else find this image offensive because to me it really does border on porn!

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