TasteErase – A New Venture

Hello everyone. I’ve been working on this project for some time, and I’m very excited to be involved in its marketing/PR. I know firsthand the yucky taste you get after using an asthma puffer. Now, there’s a solution. It’s also for use after dental procedures and for kids (and adults) who don’t like the taste of medicines.

I’ll be actively working on the launch of TasteErase. If you think this is a good idea, tweet or facebook this Facebook post and tell others. And, make sure to check out the TasteErase website.

Here’s the first release:

For Immediate Release

Julie Trade Levitch
Kopella International, Inc.
Phone: 480-451-3112

Kopella International, Inc. Introduces TasteErase
A New Oral Spray to Combat Bitter Tastes Associated with Allergy and Asthma Medications

– Over-the-counter spray delivers a potent mix of sweet and sour flavors that combats unpleasant tastes of oral medications, as well as nose sprays, inhalers, and nebulizer treatments. –

Sudbury, MA, June 28, 2010 – Kopella International, Inc. today announced the introduction of TasteErase (www.tasteerase.com) – an over-the-counter oral spray that combats the bitter tastes associated with allergy and asthma medications.  With a rapidly growing number of adults and children now using a variety of oral and inhaled medications to ease the symptoms of seasonal and chronic allergies, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the need for a solution to eliminate the bad tastes associated with these medications has become increasingly necessary. Kopella International, Inc. is poised to address this need by introducing TasteErase in drug stores, pharmacies, and other retailers nationwide.

Unlike breath enhancers such as mouth washes and aerosol sprays, frequently used by individuals to mask bad tastes associated with allergy and asthma medications, TasteErase has been developed specifically to eliminate the bitterness of these medications while also stimulating salivation. Because of this, TasteErase works in two ways by combating the bad taste and reducing the symptom of dry mouth – another common side effect of asthma and allergy medications.

“Our goal with TasteErase was to create a product that was highly effective, easy to use, and completely safe, and we definitely achieved our goal,” says Julie Trade Levitch, director of marketing for TasteErase. “Taking these medications can be challenging for many individuals dealing with these conditions. We hope that TasteErase will help improve their quality of life by eliminating these unpleasant side effects.”

TasteErase is available in raspberry flavor and packaged in units which contain 3 mL or approximately 25 sprays. It can be purchased at major pharmacies and drug stores nationwide and online at www.tasteerase.com. The suggested retail price of TasteErase is $3.00.

About Kopella International, Inc.
Kopella International, Inc. is the developer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of the TasteErase line of liquid sprays. Focused on creating innovative and in-demand products for consumers, as well as medical and dental professionals, Kopella International, Inc. holds a unique place in the market by combining deep industry knowledge and pharmaceutical research and development experience. To learn more, go to www.tasteerase.com.

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