Five Reasons Why I Love and Hate Summer in Arizona

Right now, I’m supposed to be in my San Francisco Bay Area hometown enjoying summer with 65 degree temps and partly cloudy skies. But, sometimes life throws you some unexpected situations, and needless to say, I’m instead sitting in this 24 hour fire pit known as Scottsdale, Arizona. Fortunately, next week I’m off for some cool relaxation in my city by the Bay. But, in the meantime, I thought I would keep myself calm and collected, although not cool, by trying my best to come up with some good things about being one of the few who stick it out here all year round.

Restaurant Coupons
As a lover of a good deal, the sheer volume of restaurant coupons in a Scottsdale summer makes this gal say “Bon Appetit”! They’re hurting now for the droves of nondescript Midwesterners to return with hungry appetites. So, they pummel us with twofers and other promos to get us to buy. Of course, the heat makes me not want to eat much, but who can pass up a price-slashed dining opportunity. My favorite is the summer deal at Sauce – arugula and mushroom pizza, salad, and two glasses of wine at Sauce for $20.00. No muss, no fuss. Not the best food in the world, but the discounted glasses of wine makes it taste better. I think it’s a special for two people, but I need the two glasses of wine to drown my summer sorrows.

The Bad Drivers Are Gone
Winter driving in my neck of the woods can be a risky proposition, and it has nothing to do with the weather. The mix on the road of prescription drug-influenced Mr. Magoo-like seniors, gardeners with yard clippings falling out of the back of their battered trucks, clueless vacationing golfers lost and looking for the TPC, and  hot to trot teenagers texting and driving 75 miles per hour down city streets can be downright nerve racking.  In comparison, the traffic in the summer here is a breeze. I basically have the road to myself.

I Can Wear a Tank Top to a Business Lunch
Where I come from you wear something nice for going out to lunch with clients. Not sleeveless shirts, shorts, and sandals. But here, it’s simply a necessity. I basically give up on looking presentable. It’s just not possible. So, I apologize right now to anyone who has to see me in person between June and October.

The Pool Is Warm
Even though it feels like it’s 180 degrees outside, I still strangely love the warmth of my swimming pool this time of year. Solar energy at work – it’s up to 95 degrees, and it’s like a giant Jacuzzi minus the jets. Just delightful!The Delicious Feeling of My Car’s AC
The blast of the icy air after escaping the blazing heat -nothing is better.

 And, to make this a balanced post, I thought I would also mention exactly why summers in Arizona can be so repulsive.

 Five Reasons Why I Despise Arizona in the Summer

Two Kids Who Are Bouncing Off the Walls and Can’t Go Outside Because It’s Too Hot
Try dealing with two busy boys ages six and three when they can’t go outside past 8 AM because it’s too damn hot. It’s like being snowed in, but worse. There’s only so much painting, Play-Doh, and Lego building that we can do. Thank god for the pool as a cool outdoor diversion.

I Need to Wear Oven Mitts to Touch My Steering Wheel
I have burnt my palms more times than I can count trying to start my car. I remember my first visit to Arizona when someone told me that oven mitts are a driving necessity. I thought that was a funny statement at the time. No, it’s truly the reality.

I guess having something spit water on your head can be construed as refreshing.  However, if you have hair like mine that curls into a ‘fro the second moisture touches it, misters are more than a little annoying. I blast my unruly locks with a blowdryer for 20 minutes to get semi-straight hair just to have it kink up the minute I run into a shop or restaurant. Can we please have mister-free zones so that I don’t have to look like Art Garfunkel all summer-long.  

Have to Run Before 5AM or I’m Going to Puke from Heat Exhaustion
I love my daily walks and runs on the Pima reservation. But, when it’s already above 90 degrees at 5:30 in the morning, I’m afraid I’m going to pull a Jim Fixx and collapse. Running in this heat makes me feel nauseous, and that’s just not a good thing.

The Electric Bill             
Oh, how I love getting a whopping $300 bill for running my AC.


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2 responses to “Five Reasons Why I Love and Hate Summer in Arizona

  1. val sutherland

    one of the best ones yet. My mother-in-law was the hit of the hood driving her Chevy Nova with oven mitts in the summer. Loved the pic of the boys. It was all right on that’s for sure.

  2. Riley

    i couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂
    good thing we’ve decided to cover EVERYTHING in asphalt- because why WOULDN’T we want to keep the heat radiating up off the ground long after the sun’s finally set. 🙂

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