Hey, Why Does My Nickel Look Different?

Today, I was in the drive-thru line at Starbucks waiting patiently for my venti iced tea. The line was slower than usual, and I was digging around in my wallet for 45 cents. As I pulled out a nickel, I noticed that it looked totally different than how I remember. Thomas Jefferson’s head is bigger, and there’s a buffalo on the flip side. I thought that this must be some new 2010 nickel that had just entered circulation. Well, no, actually it was five years old. Where have I been?

Shouldn’t I have noticed this before? I looked at some other coins and a ten dollar bill, and they all looked dramatically different than I recall. Apparently, I’ve been so wrapped up into making money that I’ve actually stopped looking at it.

What other things have slipped by me because of my day-to-day distractions? Well, I had to look up online how much a first class stamp cost. It’s 44 cents if you’re equally as clueless.  I have no idea what songs are on the top 40. And, I haven’t the foggiest notion what movies are playing right now. I know I wanted to see the Sex and the City movie a few months ago, but I was too busy.

Before the boys and the business, I knew all of these important nuggets of common knowledge. Now, I’m almost like an idiot savant in many ways. I’m in-the-know about some very complex subjects yet completely clueless about many day-to-day facts.

As I am coming to realize these gaps in my intelligence, I am vowing to take more time to slow down enough to stay current on the information that I probably need to be a semi-normal, functioning individual.

Am I the only person who is finding it difficult to keep up on everyday life while juggling a growing list of responsibilities and distractions? Probably not. But, until I manage to make my knowledge base a little more balanced, I probably won’t be trying out for Jeopardy any time soon.


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2 responses to “Hey, Why Does My Nickel Look Different?

  1. Tracy Burch

    Fabulous Blog! Always so insightful and entertaining. You have a wonderful perspective!

  2. Love it, Julie. I’m there with you – equally clueless some days. I’ll take the vow with you. To take the time to know what exactly is going on the world outside of my crazy household.

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