Are You Open to Serendipity?

No doubt, there is a certain amount of good luck required for being a successful business owner. You do need to be in the right place at the right time. How can that happen when your life is full of day-to-day trials and travails?

Well, today was one of those serendipitous days when amazingly good things just kind of happened. Or, did they happen because I laid the groundwork for them to come to fruition? Is it the luck of this Irish gal or the fruits of continuous effort? I began to ponder.

Well, this morning I received a request for a book proposal from a literary agent. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t already been given a referral to her from one of her other writers who I made contact with last week.

This afternoon I think I found an ideal office space that will fit me perfectly as my business continues to grow. How did this happen? Well I knocked on a few doors and found one that fit the bill.

I then received a call from my friend Cathleen Mitchell of MM Identity Lab who is currently in New York. She had just talked to an old colleague who might be able to give us some valuable advice with our concept for a freelancer’s conference.

Yes, all strokes of good luck. But, the back stories are all full of strategic work and effort. My job as a small business owner is to be hyper-aware of any potential opportunity. …And, I am!

Serendipity is defined as the propensity for making fortuitous discoveries while looking for something unrelated. And, this phenomenon is ever-present for any small business owner who is willing to put the time in to nurture relationships and keep their eyes open for potential opportunities.

I try my best never to diminish the importance of any one acquaintance, chance meeting, conversation, or referral. You just never know who you’ll meet and what might come of it!

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  1. Sounds like a JC Chavez Knockout!

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