I’m Moving on Up!

…Just like the Jeffersons who moved to their deluxe apartment in the sky, I am moving my little business on up to new digs officially August 1st.

This was a long time coming. For over five years, I have run my micro-business on the dining room table, in the family room, and in three bedrooms. Currently, my desk is literally in the master bathroom. I’ve dodged flushing toilets, screaming kids, and meowing cats so that clients wouldn’t hear them on the phone. Heaven knows I’ve dealt with an impressive amount of interruptions, noises, and distractions while trying to get this business off the ground. Frustrating? Beyond belief! But, totally worth it!

Why did I wait half a decade to make this move? It was always my goal to be home for my boys before they went to school. Mission accomplished! Rex will be entering 1st grade next month, and Judd will be starting preschool. They’re happy, healthy, and never spent one day in daycare.

Of course, it’s a little sad that this phase of parenting is coming to a close, but I’m very excited about them entering the school years. And, my business will still enable me to be there for the boys before school and when they come home in the afternoon. I’ll still be making breakfast in the AM and dinner for them at 5pm. I know that I am an extremely lucky parent to be able to have such flexibility in my schedule and still make a decent living.

I’m very excited to move into my surprisingly spacious office at Scottsdale Studios. It’s a big warehouse space with rehearsal and recording studios and a sound stage, I’m taking one of the rehearsal rooms and turning it into the headquarters for Sourdough Communications. Since most musicians are working different hours than I am, I will now have the peace and quiet I need to get my work done! And, if I hear some music in the background, that’s ok too!

I have several goals with this transition. First, I want to be able to coordinate my time better. I’ll now have set hours for work and home life. Right now, I seem to be juggling both around the clock. Of course, I also hope to grow this business now that I won’t have as many distractions. And finally, I want to work on my sideline activities such as finishing the book that has been in progress for well over a year.

Wish me luck as I venture into this unchartered territory. And, if you’re ever in the mood to visit, stop by and say, “Hi!”


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2 responses to “I’m Moving on Up!

  1. val sutherland

    I am so proud of you Jules. You have done wonderful things for the boys and now it’s time to wonderful things for yourself. If I can be of any help at “the office” let me know. Onward and upward.

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