Thank You North for Inviting Me Back!

Today’s blog post is a follow up to one that I wrote last week entitled “I Stole $10.00”. In this previous post, I detailed my somewhat problematic experience at the Scottsdale restaurant North and how I had taken $10.00 when I was given the incorrect amount of change from a waiter with an attitude problem.

After publishing the post, I received an email from Derik Martinez – the general manager at North. We subsequently chatted on the phone about my meal, and he generously invited me back so that he could show me the level of service that he strives to achieve in his restaurant.

Last evening, we returned for dinner. We had an absolutely wonderful meal. Our server couldn’t have been more professional, and the food was perfect – delicious scallops with mushroom risotto. Derik was there, and he thanked us for returning.  From what I could see, everyone around us was also receiving extremely good service.

Thank goodness! I’ve enjoyed North for years, and I’m so glad that the level of service and food are still there. I had always found it to be superior than many restaurants in our area, and this is why I was so disheartened by the bad experience. I certainly understand that every restaurant has an occasional “off” night, but if the experience is good nine times out of ten, they must be doing something right.

Beyond that, I think it’s particularly important to give kudos to Derik and the management team at Fox Restaurant Concepts who responded to my blog post,  took the time to contact me, and invite me back. They obviously care very much about their customers, and take the time to correct a situation brought to their attention.

I think there are many customer service lessons to be learned by this entire saga – both good and bad. Obviously, the first and most important of these is that it only takes one bad server or representative of a company to ruin a relationship with a customer.  In a sense, North was lucky that I brought this to their attention. This waiter probably displayed the same lack of service to other customers who never said anything and will never return. On average, dissatisfied customers tell 10 to 20 others after a bad experience. Can any business afford for this to happen?

The second most important customer service lesson is that you CAN keep a customer after a bad experience if it is handled correctly and quickly. If Derek hadn’t reached out to me to find out about my experience, I know that I never would have returned to North.  And, I would have been left with enough of a “bad taste in my mouth” (pardon the pun) about the situation that I would have continued to chat about it with friends and family. But, the good news is that the meal was wonderful. I appreciate the restaurant’s efforts to correct the problem. And, I will once again recommend the restaurant to others.

So, I suggest wholeheartedly that you go to North and enjoy those delicious scallops. I think you’ll be glad that you did, And, I know I’ll be returning soon, too!

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