Is “Busy” Code for “Lazy”?

Recently, I’ve had several fascinating “encounters” with certain individuals, who I won’t name, who have dropped the ball in one fashion or another with something that they’ve promised me. These individuals interestingly gave me the same reason – “I’ve been really busy.”

Today, I’m going to use my blog to rant. And, I apologize up front.

Ok, now here goes… I’m wondering why everyone is always busier than I am. I am a mom to two very active boys, I have a full-time business, and I manage a household. And, in the past year, I’ve had a whole handful of family emergencies and dramas. I’m not singing the blues about my situation, but I am confused about why so many claim to be busier than I am when they have far less to contend with on a daily basis.

 Why is it that I have time to still get things done and meet my deadlines and obligations? Yet, those who have the most amount of time are too busy.

I’m beginning to think that the word “busy” is actually a code word that means “lazy”? It has become a word that no one questions. If someone tells you that they’re busy, etiquette dictates that you don’t pursue the excuse any further. I would love to ask the people who claim to be busy what is actually occupying their time, but that’s just not socially acceptable. Are they busy watching TV, busy hanging out at the mall, busy sleeping? What are they so busy doing? Usually the “busiest” among us are also the vaguest about how they while away the time. I’ll tell you my day blow-by-blow if you care to hear. But, those who are “busy” are just “busy” and don’t care to elaborate.

Sure, my floor is covered in Lego pieces and Matchbox cars, and my baseboards probably need to be dusted, but when I promise something to someone, I don’t make excuses. I get my work done. I find the time. The thought of telling someone that “I’m too busy” is not in my realm of thinking.

But, perhaps I should reconsider. Oh wait. Let me rethink this. If I told my boys that I was too busy to make dinner, they would go hungry. If I told my client that I was too busy, I would lose money. If I told my credit card company I was too busy, I would get charged a late fee. I guess that’s not a good strategy.

So, why on Earth do certain “busy”, or what I would like to call them, “lazy” people, feel that it’s ok to complain that they just don’t have time to get their work done? Why do they think that self-proclaimed “busyness” is a justifiable excuse for breaking a promise?

Here’s my answer. It’s not a good excuse. And, those who are really busy can see right through the excuses of the laziest among us who like to pull out the “busy” card when they want to justify their lack of work ethic.

The flipside to all of this is that I am fortunate enough to know some truly busy people. And, they are always those who are eager to help and those who I can count on.

So, enough of my rant today – I am just too busy to go on any longer. I think I need to go watch TV for a few hours.

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