The 1939 Car Crash at Rockaway Beach

Today, I’m taking my blog in a slightly different direction.  I’m sharing some family history.

My cousin Denise has been working on our family tree for some time and has made some incredible progress – tracing my father’s family all the way back to Ireland in the 1700s. They hit San Francisco in the 1850s, and most have stayed. Anyway, this video is of my Aunt Elsie remembering the terrible car crash that she, several of her siblings, and my great-grandmother were in on a windy stretch of Highway 1 just south of San Francisco. Denise even found newspaper clippings of the accident.

Boy! I sure miss San Francisco – especially on a 110 degree day in Scottsdale. Hopefully, I’ll be able to move back one day, soon!!!



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2 responses to “The 1939 Car Crash at Rockaway Beach

  1. Kim


    What a great post. I’m fascinated by geneaology. Have you seen the show “Who Do You Think You Are?” It was on NBC last fall and it’s tremendous. Started by Lisa Kudrow (from Friends fame), various celebrities traced their family lineage with some really cool results. Some went to the CA Gold rush, some to France and the days of King Louis XVI, some to the Holocaust and the Civil War and some to the Salem Witch Trials!
    They’re re-running Lisa Kudrow’s episode tonight. Check it out – it’s fascinating stuff.


    • I saw every episode Kim! Loved it, but my husband groaned through it. But, then he’s related to Jerry Lewis:-0. I really liked Sarah Jessica’s story. It’s been a bit like the show finding out about our family history. I was completely oblivious to much of it until my cousin started working on it. Our family is so rooted in San Francisco history that I guess it explains my love of Sourdough bread and crab. Have you done your family tree?

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