Smoking, Drinking, and Setting Twin Peaks on Fire

Today, I bring you two more videos from the Buckley family history. Produced by my cousin Denise, these videos are of my aunt Elsie recounting a tale of smoking Chesterfields and drinking wine while her mom (my great-grandmother) was out shopping. In the second video, she discusses how she and her siblings attempted to burn down Twin Peaks in San Francisco. Her dad was the fireman  called to put out the fire.

I sent these two videos over to a friend Lenore Skenazy, who is the extremely witty author of the popular book entitled Free-Range Kids. Lenore became famous after she let her nine year old son ride the New York subway home alone! While Lenore and I both believe that kids shouldn’t be knocking back jugs of wine at the age of five, we also agree that our society has become way to overprotective when it comes to raising kids. Things were a little more free-form back in the 1930s – at least in San Francisco.

Anyway, it’s interesting to hear Aunt Elsie tell the stories of her childhood. …And, even with the lack of parental guidance, she’s still going strong at age 86! Enjoy!


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