Throw It On the Wall and See What Sticks

Last week, my husband told me about a colleague who is out of work. Of course, no one likes to hear this news. I certainly feel bad for him and wish him success in finding a new opportunity. While my husband was telling me his story, I interrupted and asked what he was doing to find a job. My husband said that he was focusing on a couple of companies he was interested in and spending his time doing “informational interviews” with various employees there.

Hunh?  In this bad economy, can any unemployed individual really afford to have a narrow focus on their job search? When people line up by the hundreds and thousands at job fairs and employers are besieged with resumes for open positions, isn’t it rather unrealistic and perhaps downright egotistical to think that you can pick and choose your next job?

Unlike my husband’s friend, I have work right now. In fact, I’ve been busy throughout the recession. And, I chalk this up to my ability to be flexible in the work I take and open to any and all opportunities. If I focused on a few select employers to hand me work, I’d be a very poor businesswoman.

A friend of mine recently proclaimed me as someone who throws a lot of sh** on the wall and sees what sticks. I like this description. It’s very true. And, I’ve always been like this. I’ve worked in the power transformer, sporting goods, real estate, wine, and technology industries. With every job, I gain new insight that helps me with my next opportunity. And, because I’m always learning, I’m never bored.

I’m full of ideas, and most of them don’t come to fruition. However, some do. I entertain all opportunities, and don’t dismiss anything because I’m unfamiliar with it or consider it to be out of my scope or expertise.

Of course, I’m not completely lacking in self-discipline. Once I have committed to a project, this is when I hunker down, develop a plan, and implement it. However, until then, it’s a free for all in my world. And, I’m excited to find out what might be around the corner for me as I continue to throw sh** on the wall.

My mom thinks that this trait is part of our natural ability to be scrappy, and I agree. We’re all about making our own success and finding our own opportunities. Complacency isn’t something we do well.

So, I hope my husband’s friend will throw caution to the wind a bit and open himself up to opportunities that extend beyond a few companies that he thinks are “good fits” for his skill set. If he does, fate might deal him a better hand, and he might be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected opportunity that’s better than any he had ever envisioned.

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