In Marketing and in Life, the Best Decisions Are Not Made in a Vacuum

I often help clients who need guidance with their marketing. These are highly intelligent, motivated business owners who hire me to create strategies, content, concepts and even brand names. When I tell people I meet that I do this type of work, I often get these questions – “Why can’t they come up with their own brand name? If it’s their company, shouldn’t they be able to figure out the name for it themselves?”

Well, of course, they’re capable of developing a brand name, but often, they realize that their intimacy with their business hinders their ability to be objective enough to successfully complete the task at hand. I say kudos to business owners who identify this situation and realize that sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on a project can be exactly what they need to bring their goals and vision to life.

Those who don’t figure this out tend to make the same mistakes over and over and have very visible signs of their inability to value outside opinions such as outdated-looking websites, misaligned marketing messages, and branding strategies that don’t resonate with their customers. Then, when they find that their DIY marketing attempts fail, they denounce the importance of marketing as a whole and dig themselves into an even bigger hole. This attitude can literally make or break an otherwise successful business owner.

In life, all of us have “projects” that could benefit from a fresh perspective – not unlike the business owner who needs help with brand development. Of course, we don’t need an outside marketing professional when these situations arise, but we do need our own team of thought leaders who can advise us and make recommendations.

Living or operating a business in a vacuum will always result in failure. No one is 100% “spot on” (that’s a phrase from my British friend) with their decision-making abilities. And, when it becomes impossible to see the forest through the trees, so to speak, it can be virtually impossible to make good choices.  This is exactly when it’s necessary to call in your allies to clear the way so you can gain the insight you need to move forward.

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