Why I Don’t Step on Ants

One of my favorite times of the day has always been sunrise. Here in Arizona, it’s often the only part of the day when the oppressive heat doesn’t make you beg for some A/C relief. On most mornings, I’m out on the Salt River reservation behind my subdivision running. There’s a wonderful dirt path with a nice view of Camelback Mountain and the desert landscape – the perfect scenery to get your day off right and to inspire some creative thoughts.

As I was running the other day, I thought about the fact that I instinctively dodge the many anthills and lines of ants that pepper the trail. I zigzag my way across the path sometimes leaping far just to avoid having to step on an ant. I also observed that the other runners and walkers don’t seem to share my dedication to the ants and stomp over them without too much concern.

Why do I care about these tiny bugs that have bitten me poolside and walked across my kitchen counter when I’ve neglectfully left some crumbs for them to gather?

Well, it seems so terrible to me to blindly stamp out these creatures with my Adidas when they are clearly working so hard. They’re all on a mission to succeed and never take a day off. I have respect for the ants.

On the trail, they’ve built huge hills, and they parade back and forth from them with amazing order and strategy. Occasionally, you’ll see a straggler who has lost his way, but for the most part, they’re in perfect sync, focused on their task at hand.

Of course, I get it that they probably don’t have the brain capacity to do anything different. But, I think that I’m generating some good karma by circumnavigating the rush hour traffic of the ants.

Perhaps, the desert heat has just fried my brain a bit, but I will continue to keep a watchful eye on my little friends on the trail and be inspired by them and their daily work.

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One response to “Why I Don’t Step on Ants

  1. Randy

    The ants are very happy! I will start doing the same.

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