Fighting for Principle at Victoria’s Secret in Kierland

Last week, I went bra shopping at Victoria Secret. It was a fairly pleasant and positive experience. The saleswoman was helpful, attentive, and I was able to find two nice bras that met my particular criteria. For all men reading this, there are different bras for different purposes. Some are for under white t-shirts. Some are for when you’re wearing a tank top and don’t want your straps to show. Then of course, there are those Friday night bras that I probably don’t need to describe in any more detail on my blog.

Victoria’s Secret bras are not cheap. In fact, two bras were $100.00. Fortunately, I had a $10.00 coupon. Thank you Victoria!

Over the last week, I’ve been enjoying my new bras. A new bra definitely gives you a little spring in your step, not unlike when you get a new pair of new running shoes. It’s just not quite as visible. However on Friday, to my horror, I noticed that one of my new bras had begun to tear at the seam on the side. Damn!

Saturday morning, I threw my defective bra back into the girly pink VS bag and headed to the mall. I can think of better things to do with my weekends than this, but I wanted to get this resolved. I arrived at 10 and was the first customer. I showed the saleswoman the bra, and she wanted to know if I wanted a refund or a replacement. After telling her I wanted a new one, she showed me to where they were in the store. Damn again! The only colors left in my size were fuchsia and aqua – great colors but not practical for day to day wear. She then brought out a similar model with racer back straps that was available in just the color I wanted. “Sold,” I said. She went up to the register with me and told the cashier that this would be an “exchange.”

I noticed that the bra that I was now getting was $3.00 less. I said nothing, and wanted to see what she would do. I filled out the paperwork, and she rang it up. She handed me the receipt, and just what I expected happened. She rang me up for the more expensive bra.  

Politely, I showed her that the bra that I was purchasing was $3.00 less and asked if I was going to get a refund. She looked rather confused and exclaimed that the salesperson asked her to ring it up as an exchange. Well, yes it was an exchange, but it wasn’t an equal exchange. I guess we were going to debate over $3.00. She then said, “You already got $10.00 off with the coupon when you bought your bras last week, so I can’t give you this refund.”

Now, I was getting irritated. I bought two bras for full price. One of them was defective requiring me to return to the store and get an entirely different model. And, the cashier is now going to give me attitude over $3.00. “Ok,” I said.” “Why can’t the $10.00 coupon be applied to the bra that wasn’t defective, and we do an exchange for this one?” She looked at me with utter confusion. “Um, let me talk to my manager.” And, she reached for her walkie talkie to call for help. I don’t think I was making her day.

Within a couple of seconds, the original salesperson who was helping me came over. The cashier told her the story  and argued why I shouldn’t get the $3.00. The salesperson looked at me and smiled. Then she said to the cashier, “It’s fine. She bought two bras at full price. She is supposed to get the refund.” She quickly put her key in the cash register and handed me the money and had me sign the receipt.

What the hell! I know that $3.00 isn’t a big deal, but if I return a bra for $48.00 and I buy a new one for $45.00, shouldn’t it be basic logic to refund the difference. I’m no mathematician, but this cashier obviously needed to get a primer in addition and subtraction. Perhaps, the secret of Victoria is that they beat their customers down with illogical debate instead of providing them with decent customer service.

Anyway, I’m back in action with my two new bras. And, the $3.00 bought me a Starbucks Venti Iced Tea. I certainly needed one after that debacle.

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