Longing for Fall

With temperatures that are expected to be well above 100 degrees in Scottsdale today, this Bay Area native is longing to return to the 65 degree, partly cloudy days of home.

Fall is strange and conflicting in Arizona. It’s still hot, yet the stores are filled with sweaters, jackets, and boots. The kids are in school, but they still need to jump in the pool to cool off. The holidays are quickly approaching, but there’s no chill in the air.

Fall in the Bay Area feels like it is the time to ramp up the work load. Vacations are over, and more serious fall clothing is in order. It’s time to hunker down and work hard at least until when Thanksgiving rolls around. Before you know it, it’s a new year, and the weather is so crappy that you really don’t want to do anything else but work until the rain stops in March or in April if there’s an El Nino.

In Arizona, it feels like a warm summer vacation most of the year. Does this climate spawn less productivity? Does Arizona’s business climate suffer because it’s too hot? Perhaps!

It’s hard to be serious about business when you’d rather be sitting poolside with a margarita and some chips and salsa. Am I the only one who feels like this? I never know what to wear when I see clients in Arizona. Do I wear a suit or a tank top and shorts?  How can I take someone seriously when they’re parading around an office in a $2.00 pair of flip-flops and a Rocky Point t-shirt?

All I know is that I miss fall in the Bay Area. It’s the best time of year there – warm, but not hot, breezy, but not windy, and just the place to wear a nice sweater and be able to enjoy a stroll on the beach or a productive day at work.

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  1. val sutherland

    there was a movie on hbo about an autistic woman. I think her name was Temple Brandon. First scene she is getting off a small plane in either phoenix or Tucson in the summer. She grimaces and says loudly and questioning
    ” PEOPLE LIVE HERE?” best line ever to hit the point.

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