Running a Business in 5/4 Time

Musical time signatures relate to how beats are grouped in a song’s measures. They’re written out like fractions. The most commonly used time signatures in all genres of music are 2/4, ¾, and 4/4. When listening to a rock, country, pop, or jazz song, most likely it has one of these basic time signatures.

But, there are those songs that truly march to the beat of a different drummer that have unusual time signatures. If you’ve ever carefully listened to Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles, Take Five by Dave Brubeck, The River Man by Nick Drake, or Breaking the Girl by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, you’ve probably noticed a more complex beat. There are loads of examples of these songs that mix it up a bit when it comes to timing, and I always find them to be the most intriguing and amongst my favorites.

Well, I’ve certainly been told a few times that I also march to the beat of a different drummer. And, I used to think it was a liability and not something to promote. I now think it’s a positive. As a business owner, being unique gives you the advantage of standing out and being a leader instead of a follower.

Being slightly off-beat also gives you the freedom to be creative and less influenced by the masses. I don’t believe I fit the mold of the typical mom. My business is a little different. And, I certainly go about getting customers in much different ways than most of my peers. That’s ok. It works for me. And, I’m finding that perhaps I can help others by offering some less than orthodox business development strategies that I’ve developed by thinking a little bit differently.

While I enjoy reading advice from business gurus and shooting the breeze with fellow business owners, I don’t want to change my beat to 4/4 time to get in sync. I’m staying true to my 5/4 time signature, and I hope that everyone else enjoys the tune!

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