Seven Twitter Ideas from “The Bird”

As my inner circle knows, my nickname is Jay Bird – or “The Bird” for short. I’m not exactly sure if I was named this because I loved feeding Cheez-Its to the jaybirds at Camp Mather when I was a kid or if it has something to do with my 36” long inseam that gives me a rather avian-like appearance if I’m wearing jeans or shorts. Yes, family members can be cruel.

Anyway, because I’ve come to embrace this less than complimentary nickname, I thought it was befitting to discuss Tweeting – something that any bird with half a brain can do well.

Helping businesses with social media, I often get asked what someone should Tweet about. While there is no one good answer for this, The Bird has some suggestions. Here are seven things that any business or individual can Tweet about without totally irritating their Twitter followers.

Newsworthy Items
Saying that you’re at the carwash, buying a latte, or heading to the Giants game is not newsworthy, and frankly no one cares. However, writing that you’ve launched a new service offering or referral program could be of interest. Think about what others want to read, and if you think they really would care (take your ego out of this), go ahead and Tweet!

Interesting Articles
I often find articles, stories, and helpful tips that I enjoy. And, if I find them useful, I’ll tweet them to others who might also like them. No, I’m not sending them out 20 times a day, but I might Tweet five or so of the best I read in any given week. I also keep these articles to select genres. I tweet interesting small business/entrepreneurial articles and celebrity gossip that I find funny or intriguing. Most likely, your followers will have the same interests as you. …At least they should!

My Blog Posts
When I write a blog post, I have it immediately posted on Twitter and Facebook. I want my blog to be read, and this is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

There are always contests being promoted. I can’t look at Facebook or LinkedIn without seeing one that I’ll take the time to enter. I like winning things, and I’m assuming my Twitter followers do too. So, whenever I see an interesting contest, I Tweet the link to the online entry form.

Besides getting free stuff, I also enjoy a good sale. If I see an interesting promo like when Groupon offered a twofer for the Gap, I’ll let others know.

An Inspiring Quick Quote
No, I’m not the type to be posting every deep thought ever written by Moses, Buddha, Rumi, Donald Trump, and Deepak Chopra. But, if there’s something particularly uplifting, inspiring, or just funny, I’ll post it. They’re quick reads and lend themselves readily to the Twitter format of 140 characters or less.

The Gas Price at My Local Gas Station
I like to frequently post very local, extremely time-sensitive Tweets. Who knows if anyone reads them, but perhaps someone will get some use out of me informing them that regular unleaded is $2.74 a gallon at the Circle K. Other ideas for this are “Don’t forget, it’s senior day at Fry’s” or “Kids eat free on Wednesday’s at Manuel’s”. These Tweets seem to attract lots of local followers, and I’ve actually generated new business from them!

Anyway, this Bird promises to keep her Tweets interesting. Make sure to follow me at

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