Hail Yes in Scottsdale!

Yesterday, I was afraid of the weather- perhaps for the first time since living in Arizona. Weather here is predictably sunny and warm most of the time. Yawn! Not much else to say. However, yesterday we experienced a storm of near biblical proportions. Hail came at us around 3:15 in the afternoon. Not little pellets – but big golf ball size spheres of ice that pounded at the windows and broke our bathroom skylight.  It was scary and exciting at the same time. Wow!

Ok, so it will probably put me out about $1000 to get the skylight fixed, but this was a storm that I’ll remember forever.

In life, you need those out of the blue strange occurrences to keep you on your toes. I lived in an apartment in downtown San Francisco during the big earthquake in 1989. I happened to be traveling in Fez, Morocco on September 11th.  I was in a major hurricane while on a cruise ship in the Pacific in 1978. These were all very scary and adrenaline-pumping moments, but they are also amongst my most memorable of my life.  Perhaps, we need to have these occurrences to remind us that life is short, and we can’t always protect ourselves from scary situations. We’re all going to have them, and we need to roll with the punches when they happen.

When Rex got off of the school bus, he squealed in delight with his front lawn being covered with ice. Such an unusual experience here in the desert, and a little reminder that we’re all going to have some unexpected chaos in our lives from time to time.  So, the skylight will get fixed and the warm weather will be back soon enough. But, I have a sandwich bag full of golf ball sized hail in my freezer to remind me of our icy surprise yesterday.

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  1. Mom

    Loved the song….you are such a card. How do you do it? I can see Rex getting off the bus…Hail, Hail.

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