You May Be Mobile, But Why Are You Rude?

Since my recent rant about the unfriendly PTA mom with the cell phone who couldn’t squeak out a “hello” on a busy school morning, I was thrilled to see that the principal of my son’s elementary school had written a very nice article for the school’s newsletter about taking the time to be kind and courteous to those around us. No, I seriously doubt she read my blog. Rather, I think that this problem of people being “too busy” to be polite is so prevalent now that perhaps we’re starting to see push back from a growing number who have had enough of it and are challenging the status quo.

Texting moms, dads shouting into their mobile phones, kids engrossed with their handheld video games – detached, rude people have seemed to have taken over. Technology certainly plays a big part in this growing problem.  I recently was perusing the shoes in my local Marshalls and witnessed a prime example of this when a fellow shopper chose to yell at someone on her phone. Her language was filled with salty expletives that I didn’t want my boys exposed to. It was almost as if she wanted everyone to hear her so that she could demonstrate her importance and power in this fine discount retail destination. Sorry, it was just crappy behavior, plain and simple.  

I purposely do not carry a cell phone when I’m out with my boys so that I can be focused on them. My clients can wait until I get home to return their calls, and I can’t say that I’ve ever had an emergency situation that truly required me to dial up someone while I was shopping at Marshalls. This allows me to pay attention enough to say hello to an acquaintance I might see in a parking lot, open a door for someone who needs help, or say thank you to a cashier.

As someone who does a considerable amount of writing and marketing for the telecommunications industry, I think cell phones are handy gadgets and serve a definite purpose. However, they were never intended to be tools to detach ourselves, and they’re not licenses to be impolite.

I’m sick of beeping my horn to get the attention of the driver of the car in front of me who is texting instead of watching the road. I cringe when I see moms who are texting at parties, parks, and school events instead of paying attention to their kids. And, I get downright perturbed at anyone who feels the need to shout four letter words into their cell phone in the presence of me and my boys.

I know that I’m not going to persuade anyone to put down their phone, but I wanted to get my point across on my little forum. And, if you ever wonder why I’m not texting you or calling from my car, you now know why!

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