The Musical Instrument Museum – I Want a Membership!

Since this is my little forum for discussing  what’s on mind, today I’m sharing with you a recommendation – The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.

We went there yesterday, and all I can say is “Wow!” I was blown away by this place. A beautiful building, incredible music, and an amazing collection of instruments, costumes, and artifacts all grouped by country. Even the cafe was good with locally grown food and healthy meal options. This museum is as good as any that I’ve seen – and I’ve seen museums in more than 50 countries!

I was so impressed that after returning home, I contacted the museum on its Facebook page to see if they offer family memberships. This is definitely a place that I would like to visit often with my boys. They were quick to respond. However, unfortunately they don’t offer memberships, only the option to join as a donor at rates starting at $250.00. This doesn’t give you unlimited membership either. I don’t think we’ll be doing this.

Darn! I hope the MIM has their Google Alerts set so that they pick up this post. I think they need some help with their marketing. Families like us buy memberships. It’s a great way for us to frequent the places we love, and a smart way for these local venues to generate revenue.  

We have family memberships for the zoo, the Botanical Garden, and the Hall of Flame Firetruck Museum. Because the museum is only six months old, I’m sure that they’re still refining their marketing efforts. However, by not offering memberships, they’re missing out on a prime opportunity to build word of mouth recommendations, revenues, and the number of visitors that they receive.

 So, for all my friends and readers in Arizona, put the Museum of Musical Instruments on your “to do” list. I guarantee that you’ll love the place!

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