Skating with the Stars Is a Dud – How About Gymnastics with the Stars Instead?

I’m in a generous mood pre-holiday, and I thought I could make a suggestion to my friends at ABC. The other night’s premier episode of Skating with the Stars kind of sucked. I had high hopes for this Dancing with the Stars spin-off because I love figure skating and Bethany from the NY Housewives (one of the “stars”)  And I, of course, have had a life-long, sick fascination with Dick Button. Maybe it’s just the name.  But, the show was boring, other than the banter between Dick and his fellow judge Johnny Weir, the unapologetically flamboyant skater who loves vibrant Spandex, feathers, and sequins.

So, here’s my suggestion. I say pull the cord on Skating with the Stars, and give “Gymnastics with the Stars” a chance. I can see it now – the judges could be the lovable Romanian coach Bela Karolyi, Nadia Comaneci, and maybe someone a little bit boozy and entertaining like Paula Abdul who could discuss choreography and toe point technique while slurring her words.

I would love to see D-List stars learning their routines with famous gymnasts from the past. Bring back Mary Lou Retton, Cathy Rigby, and Bart Connor.  Perhaps, even some Soviet block friends like Ludmilla Tourischeva and Olga Korbut could join the cast to whip some flabby stars into shape quickly by making them practice their round-off flip-flop until they got it just right.

Who could be the stars? I would like to see the same sort of line up as DWTS. A couple of youngsters, an aging football player, a saucy over 50 lady, and definitely one really good-looking Italian, French, or Latino guy to add some visual interest.

Back in the 1980s, I remember a crazy show called Circus of the Stars which had a similar theme but didn’t quite take off. No one was really that interested in seeing Loni Anderson on the trapeze, and I don’t think the stars were competing against each other. So, perhaps, it’s time for “Gymnastics with the Stars”.  I want to see Heidi Montag and Snooki vying to ace their floor exercise routines while battling their hair extensions and “enhancements”. I would tune in to watch Bret Favre and Justin Bieber struggle on the pommel horse. The visuals for this show could be amazing. I think I smell an Emmy!

Ok, it’s back to reality. I have silver to polish and pies to make on this day before Thanksgiving. Why I am daydreaming about new reality shows instead? Hmmmm……


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2 responses to “Skating with the Stars Is a Dud – How About Gymnastics with the Stars Instead?

  1. Jill V

    I agree about the skating show. What an unfortunate dud. I used to do gymnastics. I like your ideas for that and enjoyed the “battling extensions and enhancements” comment 🙂

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