Mega Millions Hits $330 Million. Would I Keep Working If I Won?

Happy New Year to everyone who reads my little blog. Wishing you great success with all of your ventures in the coming year.

Now, on with the daily grind… Today, I read that tonight’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot has hit $330 million. And, like everyone else, I certainly wouldn’t balk at winning such a windfall. Just the thought of it makes me daydream of leisurely days at the Four Seasons Resort in Bali or perhaps strolling in the Faubourg Saint- Honoré district of Paris snapping up haute couture without a thought of family budgets and how I’m going to pay my Visa bill.

Back to reality, I wonder what would happen if I really did win. Would I keep the business in which I’ve invested so much of my time? Could I say bye-bye to clients who I’ve come to really care about because I no longer needed the dinero?

At this point, I don’t think I would give up my work. No, I wouldn’t be one of those lunatic lottery winners who wants to keep working a mundane civil servant job after winning hundreds of millions because they don’t know what else to do with their time.

Naah, that’s not me. I could come up with plenty of things to do. I love travel, hotels, restaurants, good wine, and shopping. Spending the money wouldn’t be my problem. Rather, I enjoy my work and clients so much that I don’t think I would ever want to let them go.

I think I’ve hit the point that I actually enjoy what I do so much that there is nothing else that I would rather be doing. Because of this, I think I’m incredibly fortunate. I’ve seen way too many friends and family members who have simply counted down the days to retirement. They weren’t passionate about what they were doing and couldn’t or wouldn’t get off the treadmill of working in these jobs.

When you’re one of the lucky few who really enjoy what they do, the concept of retirement doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Sure, there will be a day when I can no longer write because of physical or mental limitations, but I don’t feel the need to plan stopping at some specific age simply so that I can cease working. I don’t want to stop – even if I get that $330 million.

Yep, I’m still going to go buy a few Mega Millions tickets for this evenings drawing. And, if I do happen to be the 1 in 756 million who wins, you might find me in Paris. But, I’ll probably be sitting at a café table writing for one of my clients.


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2 responses to “Mega Millions Hits $330 Million. Would I Keep Working If I Won?

  1. You motivated me to buy a ticket, see you on the beach!

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