A Snowbird Teaches Me How to Be A Bad-Ass!

If you’ve read some of my blog posts, you probably know that I have a rather tumultuous relationship with snowbirds. For those of you not in the know, snowbirds are the, shall we say, active seniors who flock to Scottsdale in the winter months from places like Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and Iowa. Then, when the weather heats up here, they blow the joint faster than Jeff Spicoli.  

This morning, I witnessed a fascinating example of extreme snowbird brashness and decided that I’ve had it all wrong. Instead of fighting them, I need to join them. Modeling my behavior after snowbirds, I might just be able to take my business to the next level!

So, here’s what happened. As always, I was waiting patiently for my turn at the bakery counter at AJs (our local grocery store). There’s a system at the bakery that you’re supposed to obey. You grab a little pink numbered ticket, and wait for the counterperson to call your number. Then, you order what you want and pay. Pretty simple I think, and most of the time it works out quite fine.

However this morning, it was especially crowded with snowbirds who are trying to get the last of their Scottsdale days in before the triple digit temperatures set in. I was holding my number and waiting patiently amongst the crowd while listening to their Mid-West chitter-chatter. Then, one of the snowbirds came up to me, and asked if I was in line. I said, “No, I’ve grabbed a ticket and I’m waiting for my number to be called.” I encouraged her to get a ticket, too. Instead, she winked at me and said, “I don’t need a ticket,” and proceeded to walk up to the counter, grab the attention of the cashier and order her coffee and cinnamon roll.

I was blown away by her confidence and her blatant lack of concern for order. She wanted coffee and a cinnamon roll, and that was that. This sweet-looking, 70-something woman was an anarchist disguised as a cast member from the Golden Girls. Truly amazing!

Now, I’m not saying that I want to break all the rules and just grab what I want without respect for others. However, I’m digging this lady’s supreme confidence. Perhaps, I need to ramp up the attitude a bit, and focus more on what I need rather than just accommodating what others want.

Today, I’m celebrating this snowbird and her sly, bad-ass attitude. It’s making me think that seniors really do have more fun!

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One response to “A Snowbird Teaches Me How to Be A Bad-Ass!

  1. Kim

    Love, love, love the Golden Girls reference! And after working in Florida for more years than I can count (at Disney World), I’ve seen my fair share of snowbirds too!! They can be assertive and seemingly out of touch, but they sure do get their way!

    Take care –

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