Keeping a Sense of Humor on the Road to Success

As a freelancer, small business owner, or whatever you’d like to call me, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of different clients. Some I’ve really enjoyed and others have been a bit on the challenging side of things. Yet, when I look back at everyone, those who stand out the most have been the most comical.

I love working with people who make me laugh. And, I think that more than a few of my clients have chosen to work with me because I have said a few funny things here and there. I even snagged a client who simply found one of my blog posts funny and decided he wanted to work with me.

Regardless of the type of work you do, I truly believe that a sense of humor is possibly the ticket to success. Let’s face it. No one enjoys working with someone who is flat and without personality – even if they are skilled in other ways.

Does this mean that those who haven’t been blessed with a comical sense are doomed for failure? No, but I do think one should work on their humor in a similar way to keeping up with technology or current events.

I make it a priority to make the people around me laugh, sometimes at my expense, and I never cease to take advantage of an opportunity to point out something unexpectedly funny. Living here in Scottsdale, there are countless humorous situations happening on a daily basis that I witness. I love sharing these little stories with others and writing about them.  

In fact, I think that humor and being conversational are what makes work enjoyable and writing interesting. I know that no one wants to read yet another blog post about the latest in marketing techniques. But, if I can share these techniques while also telling a funny, personal story, I’ll capture the interest of my readers, and it’s much more fun for me to write, as well.

On days when I’ve had to deal with lots of humorless people, I sometimes wonder if I should be more serious. However, the fact is that that’s not me, and I’ll only be able to achieve the success I want if I can infuse humor into my daily grind. I’ll get where I need to go while keeping the sense of humor, and hopefully, I’ll continue to find like-minded colleagues on the road to success.

And with two young boys, humor often revolves around farts, poo-poo, and boogies. Well, that’s not so bad, as I also find those things quite funny, too!

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4 responses to “Keeping a Sense of Humor on the Road to Success

  1. Thank you!!! I love this and appreciate you lifting the mood a little bit!

  2. I love this post Julie. It is so true and by being humorous allows the authentic you to come across. That is what everyone wants today…personal and business alike…to work with people who are genuine and can even laugh at themselves from time to time.

    • Thanks Laney. I hope so. I’m sure my humor gets me in trouble with some, but others appreciate it. And, I’ll focus my energies on those who also like to laugh.

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