Slowing Down to See the Bigger Picture

Sometimes, a forced slowdown is thrust upon you. Literally, in my case! Here’s what happened to me last week. With end of the school year festivities in full swing, last Monday I had a nasty spill in the kitchen and tore the plantar fascia of my left foot. It hurt like crap when it happened, and I was somewhat taken aback when the podiatrist, who looked at the injury, said with almost a chuckle, that I was going to be basically without a foot for four to eight weeks if I was lucky. I didn’t care to hear what would happen if I wasn’t lucky.

 Apparently, this wasn’t like the standard stubbed toe or occasional shin splint issue that happens from time to time. This was somewhat serious, and yes, very painful and inconvenient.

We have a trip to Lego Land and a jaunt to San Francisco planned for summer break. I just bought new running shoes, and I’ve recently made it to the advanced level of Jilian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD. I don’t have time for eight weeks of lugging my foot around in a cast. I left the podiatrist nearly in tears. I tried to gather my thoughts and reminded myself that I don’t have control over this situation. So, I’ll need to ride the wave and stay positive.

While this injury hasn’t disabled me from writing, it has slowed me down in many other ways, and interestingly, I was able to accomplish some “to do” list items that have been sitting for quite some time. Let’s say that I’ve managed to pull out all of the interesting recipes from my Sunset and Real Simple magazines while icing my foot. Not only that, I’ve had time to rework some of my business initiatives and strategies.

Could a forced slowdown be occasionally necessary for reorganizing and seeing the bigger picture? Perhaps!

Yes, I’m basically out of commission for a few weeks, and getting a new knee length cast tomorrow. But, I’m regrouping to come back bigger and better after I’m back on two legs. In the meantime, I’m getting my work done, yet running at a slightly less frenetic pace. Sometimes, that’s just what the doctor ordered.

Song of the Day: Learn How to Fall – Sorry, I couldn’t find Paul Simon’s version on YouTube, but I found this guy’s rendition.

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