Doubt Management

thomas-the-apostleOver the last several weeks, I’ve been experiencing doubt. Doubt about work and doubt about aspects of my personal life. If you’ve ever experienced it (and I’m sure everyone has), you know that it can rob you of time, zap your creativity, and cause you to make decisions that may not be in your best interest.

Being a doubting Thomas is perhaps the biggest threat to a small business owner because it can set you on a path towards giving up or failing.

Doubt can be like a runaway train if it isn’t kept in check. And, it thrives when you pull back and keep it to yourself. When you reach out to friends, family, and colleagues, you will almost always find that your doubt is blown out of proportion in your own mind.  By sharing your fears and concerns, the scariness of the problem is often defused.

Yesterday, I spoke to a fellow business owner who has also been having some doubts about his current direction. His concerns were perfectly reasonable. But, when we talked about some strategies for overcoming the issues, the doubts were replaced with direction and renewed excitement for what the future holds. I saw firsthand what the power of reaching out and sharing can do.

So, I’m putting more focus on doubt management in my life right now. I have to if I’m going to be successful. When doubts crop up, I’ll be trying to address them and not keep them locked up inside of me. I’ll be working to tackle doubt head on and arming myself with the tools and people in my life who can help me keep them at bay.

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