Waves of Productivity

waveToday was a very productive day – in fact one of those days when I was feeling particularly pleased and satisfied with all that I accomplished. I wrote, I handed off files to the printer, I designed a PowerPoint presentation, and I negotiated a business deal that might pay off throughout 2013. That’s what I call productivity!

As a writer and a business owner, my rate of productivity isn’t always the same. In fact, it often comes in waves. Some days, I’m a machine who churns out thousands of words of copy. Other days, I get bogged down with administrative tasks, phone calls, and distractions. On the slow days, I often feel frustrated.

I definitely wish I could perform at the same level every day, but I know that after nearly nine years of having my own business that this simply isn’t possible. I don’t work on an assembly line, and creativity seems to come to me in fits and spurts.

Yet, although my productivity isn’t necessarily 100% consistent, I know that I put in all that I can each and every day. And, I also believe that most business owners are more productive than employees who are working for paychecks. We have more at stake, and because of this, we hustle and tend to use time more wisely.

Today, I learned that one of my favorite fellow business owners is expecting a baby in June. This isn’t his first, and he definitely wants his business to grow this year so that he can support his family. I’m in the same boat, and I get it! Business owners are motivated to get the next project, client, or retainer so that they can pay their bills. Without a regular paycheck, you have to work that extra amount to keep the money and clients flowing.

Sometimes uncertainty is the fuel that powers a business. Is that so bad? Maybe, it’s the impetus for getting things done and the recipe for success.

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