In My Little Town

cougarToday, I had to go to my local dry cleaner to pick up some of my sweaters ahead of my trip to California. Although there are countless dry cleaners in Scottsdale, I’m brand loyal to this unassuming little place on 90th and Via Linda. Why? I love their name. They proudly refer to themselves as Cougar Cleaners, and it makes me laugh every time I make a drop off. There’s a middle-aged lady with a knowing look on her face that works the counter, and sometimes, there are high school boys sifting through hangers and bags of laundry in the back. I’ve concocted plenty of funny stories in my head about why they’re called “Cougar.” Living in Scottsdale, the home of more than a few cougars, I find the name funny enough that I’ve become a loyal customer. Yeah, their service is good, too!

Ok, maybe I’m a little strange and find certain things hilarious that other people overlook. But, I do know that a clever or catchy brand name can bring in the customers. In the same shopping center as Cougar Cleaners is Yo Pauly Pizza. I love that name, too! There’s a NY native there who owns the place and makes fairly decent pizza.

I wish more businesses would choose creative names. It makes life a little more exciting, doesn’t it? You know, I’ve had in the back of mind the idea of opening a bakery called “Busty Malone’s” after the name my mother affectionately calls me when I’m wearing a Victoria Secret padded push up. And, one of my favorite people in the world exclaimed that my tagline should be “Get a load of these!”

Well, maybe one day, I’ll have that little bakery where I can sell my cupcakes, focaccia, and Bavarian pretzels. And, when I do, I want my customers to laugh when they see the name on the front door.

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