4 Business Lessons from the Shahs of Sunset

shahs_of_sunset2Talk about a guilty pleasure. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I love Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset. Now in its second season, this Ryan Seacrest production is trashy, classless, yet thoroughly entertaining. It almost makes the Beverly Hills Housewives look like Masterpiece Theater.
Yet, there are some nuggets of brilliance for business owners in this weekly, hour-long reality show about a group of seemingly unproductive Persians in Los Angeles. And, to justify my reason for watching the “Shahs”, I thought I’d share these with you here on The Entrepreneurial Mom.

Embrace Your Uniqueness
Shahs_of_Sunset_1_Reza_Rants_Hygiene_16X9_342_mezznMy favorite character on the show is definitely Reza. He’s an openly gay realtor who comes from a Jewish/Muslim background. That’s unique enough. But, he also sports this crazy 1970s moustache that makes him look like a cross between Tom Selleck and Omar Sharif. You can’t help but dig his weekly struggle with being different which is actually quite endearing. In business, setting yourself apart makes you more memorable and likeable. Hey, if Reza and his wild ‘tache can sell real estate in Los Angeles, it proves that you don’t have to be just like everyone else to be a success.

Create a Memorable Image
The wardrobe choices of the “Shahs” is eclectic to say the least. The gals look like they’ve taken style tips from Charo, and I doubt that any of them have ever worn sensible flats, a turtle neck, or a tasteful dress. Everything is tight, short, low cut, and shiny regardless of the time of day – topped off with hair extensions, lots of jewelry, and an ample helping of makeup. No, it’s not my taste, but I appreciate their ability to have created a defined style for themselves. Few business owners would ever go to the extreme of Asa, GG, and MJ, but there is something to be said for creating a memorable image for yourself.

Self Promote
No one in this cast is a quiet wallflower. They all possess extreme self-confidence and don’t shy away from letting others know how great they are. While their over the top grandiosity makes the show comical, most of us could take a lesson or two in self promotion from the “Shahs.”

Have Some Down Time
shahs3I’ve never seen adults with so much free time for parties, lounging around, and having cocktails. They certainly understand the benefits of a work/life balance. When I’ve spent 14 days in a row working, I need to remember this lesson. A couple of hours hanging out in a trendy bar dressed in sequins, fluttering my fake eyelashes might be just the ticket for recharging my batteries.

Well, I thought I could actually come up with five business lessons from the Shahs of Sunset, but the show really isn’t all that good. But, it’s worth watching for a laugh whenever you need a break from reality.

Song of the Day: Kashmir, Led Zeppelin 

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