A Sick Day as an Entrepreneur Is Better than a Healthy Day as an Employee

kleenex-tissues-cool-touchI have the flu. I knew I was going to get it. My two boys came down with the first symptoms last week, and after dealing with several days of their illness, it would have been virtually impossible for me not to acquire the nasty bug. When you’re Mom, you get sneezed and coughed on a lot!  

Last night, I felt the telltale signs of the flu coming on like gangbusters. The aches, the chills, and the nasty sore throat hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m not someone to swig NyQuil, so I suffered through the night with a wad of Kleenex up one nostril – which someone I love for his sense of humor fondly coined a Nostrildamas.  I hope one day to sell these and make my fortune – not unlike the makers of Breath-Right.

If I had been an employee, I would have woken up feeling the misery of having to drive to work and sit in an air conditioned office for ten hours feeling like crap.

Now that I’ve returned to the world of entrepreneurship, it’s not all that bad getting sick. Of course, it’s still somewhat miserable. But, I don’t have to get dressed up, drive to work, or deal with irritating people when I’m not feeling up to speed. In other words, I’m far more productive being sick as a business owner than as an employee.

Today, I took a shower, made the boys breakfast, packed their lunches, and had them to school before 8:40. By 9:00, I was working, and I managed to write six articles, talk to three clients, and land a new project that I wasn’t expecting – all with a 100 degree temp.  How many healthy employees tackle that much?

Productivity can happen when you’re sick as long as you’re in a comfortable place. A cold, drafty cubicle or office with particle board furniture isn’t where I want to be when I’m feeling sniffy-snorty. I’ll choose home in my flannels with a cup of tea. And, if I have to take a sick siesta, I’ll do it on my schedule.

Ah, the many benefits of self employment. Why did I ever leave?

Song of the Day: I’m Sick of You, Iggy and the Stooges

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