If Content Is King, Who Are the King’s Men?

crownAs someone who writes content for a living, I’m getting tired of the cliché that content is king. Ok, we all get it! There have been hundreds of articles on LinkedIn and elsewhere about the need for content, yet very few are addressing how business owners are supposed to generate it. …Probably because this is a very challenging issue.

For businesses of all sizes, online content is essential for selling products and services. This means a website, social media, blogs, articles, and PR. Yet, for small businesses with limited time and resources, churning out daily, weekly, or monthly content can be next to impossible.

Instead of regurgitating an obvious about the need for content on a medium that is focused on content, marketing experts should be giving business owners more tips and ideas on how to produce content. Time-strapped business owners need help. They’re desperate. Search engines and customers alike require information, and there’s little time to produce it.

It used to be easy to call up the Yellow Pages and place an ad about your business and call it a day. Now, business owners need to write blog posts, produce videos, and write witty quips on Facebook and Twitter. Is this realistic? For most businesses, probably not!

Yes, this blog post is a little self-serving as I help produce content for businesses. It’s my passion, and I am driven to help businesses communicate with their customers. But, someone needs to stand up and say “Enough of this content is king bull****!”  Instead of saying the obvious, it’s time to address how this can realistically be done.

More to come from me on this topic…

Song of the Day: Louie, Louie, The Kingsmen

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