Avoiding Antisocial Behavior When You Work from Home

antisocialNow that I’m back into the groove of my business, SayCurrent again, I’m feeling the impact of being somewhat isolated during the workday. I manage my business from a spare bedroom, and I write. So, the opportunities for conversation can be somewhat limited.

While some might conclude that I express myself better in writing than speaking, I do enjoy an occasional conversation. In fact, I’m actually quite social. And, I have to make it a point of scheduling time for socializing during my work week so that I don’t turn into an odd hermit toiling away on her keyboard.

This week, I was fortunate enough to get out and about several times. I met a neighbor for bagels and enjoyed lunch at school with Judd where I was able to chat with one of the other parents for awhile. I also went to a work lunch in Tempe to begin on an exciting new project, and managed a few hours of talk time on the phone with friends and family.

To be a decent business owner, you do have to have the gift of gab to a certain extent. This requires practice on a regular basis. Next week, I have more socializing lined up, too – a lunch with a colleague, an evening work event, and a party on Friday.

I think the key is to schedule in socializing like any other aspect of your business. It’s a must really – for both your business and your mental health. Ok, back to toiling away on the keyboard now!

Song of the Day – Talk Talk, Talk Talk


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3 responses to “Avoiding Antisocial Behavior When You Work from Home

  1. Lucia

    Hey Julie! What happened to SFO? Just curious……
    PS(conversations with some individuals may be overrated…Ha!)

    • Hi Lucia:

      They didn’t have the budget to pay me so they slashed my hours. And frankly, I was getting too tired from the weekly travel. I missed the boys, too! So, back in action with my business and much happier! Hope you’re doing well. We’ll be there next week for the gem show. Do you want to join us?

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