Heeding the Signs along the Way

snow in scottsdaleToday was a memorable day for perhaps everyone in Scottsdale. It snowed. In the land of 115 degree temperatures and 24/7 air conditioning, it snowed! To see the lawn covered in white, the boys giggling as they threw snowballs at each other, and McDowell Mountain looking oddly like the Matterhorn, it was a day to remember.

For me, it was a day to remember for other reasons marked by the oddity of snow followed by a beautiful rainbow.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve almost certainly had those unusual situations when you feel as if your “higher power” has provided you with a clear message as to what you should do.

Whether or not you’re religious, a non-believer, or somewhere in between, you have probably had those moments when you had a signal or a sign that helps you take the next step or it confirms a decision you have made.

Are the most successful of us those who are more attuned to these signs? Are they presented to us to guide our path? Do we take the path or ignore the signs to head a different direction? These are interesting questions regardless of one’s particular religious affiliation.

Today, I took a big step, and then it snowed in Scottsdale of all places. I wonder if it was a sign. We’ll see…

Song of the Day:  Purple Snowflakes, Marvin Gaye

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One response to “Heeding the Signs along the Way

  1. kcourt40

    Love this – and yes, I have those moments too! Enjoy the snow 🙂

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